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Mamadou Dia
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Notice:  Project Background and two reports for Mali now in Project Updates   


The Moringa Tree

In developing countries, the Moringa tree has proven potential to improve nutrition for humans and livestock and to purify water and many other uses.  The tree grows fast in areas where it is most needed.

Three Plans

Three board members of Able & Willing (AWIEF) have developed distinctive plans to promote Moringa in their native African countries.  Each man has lived in the U.S. for many years and has returned often to lead projects in education, agriculture and technology.

The Congo plan is family and school-based, enlisting families who participate in one of Able & Willing's Work for Education programs at our schools.

The Mali plan is farm and clinic-based, growing Moringa on a demonstration farm and publicizing potential benefits through a local clinic to cure the rampant malnutrition among children under five.

The Cameroon plan is community-based, joining land owners, investors, laborers, and marketers in an African cooperative known as Ndjangi.

Technical Direction

Able & Willing is grateful for the inspiration and technical advice offered by Ed Rau, a biologist at the National Institutes of Health and founder of Sustainable Bioresources, LLC.

Making Documentaries 

Documenting our work and results of our three plans is an essential part of the project. Target audiences include schools, entrepreneurs and cooperatives who want to start promoting, producing and marketing Moringa as well as consumers seeking health benefits.  Part of the project will be to train local youth to produce and distribute the appropriate media and make presentations.

Current Status

Congo: waiting on growing season that starts next month.

Mali:  Mamadou is leaving September 15, 2013 to oversee projects.  His son left August 8 and reports that the newly planted trees are growing fast.

Cameroon:  Richard is in Camaroon making plans.